Friday, August 2, 2013

House for sale!

Check it out, y'all--575 Rutledge Ave, where Maybelle and I live, is for sale!
That is a good looking house, right?  A fantastic guy came and trimmed up the shrubbery, and another fantastic guy took pictures that highlighted all the gorgeous colors in and out.  I particularly like the picture of Maybelle's room, below:

This looks like a dream of a kid's room.  Please note that for this picture I lined up a bunch of her stuffed animals on her bed, and I assembled all the little people and animals neatly on the farm and in the castle, which are both basically invisible here.  What are visible are two pictures above the mantle that Adam and Nina made for Maybelle.  Also a teeny tiny bit of the dinosaur mountain Catherine gave her, the caterspeller that Phil and Lisa gave her, the funky stuffed "animals" that Uncle Trey gave her, the pillow that my mom knitted her.

Okay, that's enough of that.  The real point of this post is that the house is astonishingly clean (rare for me), and it's on the market.  So if any of you live in Charleston, you should consider buying this beautiful house--with excellent bones!  So much character!  Built in bookshelves!  A huge attic!  Wood and tile flooring!  Big, big shop in the back!


Update:  A bunch of people have been asking where we're moving--are Maybelle and I leaving Charleston?  I thought I should assure you that we're not leaving Charleston, we're just leaving this house.  If all the timing works out perfectly, we'll be moving three blocks away, to the house Uncle Trey is currently living in (which Jess and Carmel own, two wonderful people who used to be kid playdate friends and now live in Austin).


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    1. You should. It's structurally fabulous--just needs a little aesthetic work. You could move in right now and be perfectly happy.