Wednesday, July 24, 2013

(Alleged) sexual assault on the CofC campus

There's been a world of shit happening at the place where I work.  I have to be careful what I say--so let me say there has been an alleged world of shit.  I'm finally (finally finally finally!) part of the conversation about all of this:

CofC finally takes sexual assault allegations seriously (my latest column in the City Paper)

I have a couple of other articles I hope come out fairly soon.  I'll keep you posted.

Let me say that not everybody will agree with me, but I'm proud of the College of Charleston on this issue.  As the title of my column suggests, this year they approached this issue with the seriousness and attentiveness that it deserves.

The City Paper folks wanted to be sure they didn't publish anything that would get them sued, so they toned down some of my outrage.  For instance, in 1994 the provost suggested in a written document to the alleged abuser that he be "more aware of the need to avoid situations and activities which, though apparently innocent and well-intended, may furnish the factual foundation upon which serious allegations of misconduct may be erected."

I then went on to suggest that the activities this faculty member allegedly engaged in were hard to frame as "innocent and well-intended."  Am I allowed to say this on my blog?  Uncertain--I guess we'll find out.  If I get sued, at least it'll be a good story, right?  A story I can potentially tell in my Gender and Violence classes years from now.


  1. Just as an FYI, I am not licensed in South Carolina.

  2. I am finding it fascinating in a flabbergasted way that commenters on the paper's website are seeing you as a tool of "the man." That says to me that the editors of the paper were a little too successful in toning down your piece...but having read through it again, you seem to be framing it very strongly in the "this is outrageous" category. But maybe I read too much of your tone into it and someone who doesn't know you wouldn't pick up on it.

    But the detractors seem to be making a big deal over you being an employee of the university...while skipping over that you're the director of women & gender studies (the last place that anyone would look to, particularly an academic administration, for finding someone to make excuses for a sexual predator). In that line, I think that it is a shame that you have to keep a tight reign on your words for legal reasons because I think that you'd cut right to the heart of this ugly debacle and call it for what it is. I wish that the paper had allowed you to say something like that...that you have strong opinions on the situation, but that you have to choose your words carefully due to legal constraints.

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