Monday, August 12, 2013


You know what I'm tired of?


I don't mean that I want to walk around naked all the time--although being naked is certainly very comfortable.  I mean that every single morning, I have to look in my closet and decide what to wear.  "Oh, I can't wear those comfortable pants because they're dirty.  I don't want to wear that shirt because it requires me to wear a bra.  Blue jeans are too hot!"

I have only two kinds of clothing that I consistently approve of:  Jockey for Her underwear (thank you, Kelly Piepmeier, for keeping me well stocked) and really large t-shirts (thank you, early 1990s, for helping me to look sadly out of style).

How tacky is it to include a picture of your own underwear on your blog?  I'm not wearing the underwear, so I think it's acceptable.  Plus, the reason I have so much extremely comfortable underwear is because my father was doing the laundry one time when I was visiting my parents and he was appalled at--let's just say he was appalled at how old the underwear was, and leave it at that.  He sent my mom to the store, and apparently does so every couple of months.  If my father's familiar with my underwear when I'm not wearing it, I think you all can be, too.

It's Monday morning, folks.  I'm having to get dressed, and I thought you'd all want to share in the challenges that involves.  I'm currently wearing one of my "This is what a FEMINIST looks like" t-shirts, and I guess this is how a feminist complains about clothing.


  1. I've never really thought about the objects of clothing that don't cause me some amount of irritation on a regular basis. Now that I am thinking of it, I agree with you. Only I wear Hanes underwear.

    I'll admit, one of the reasons I love working from home is that it's not unusual to find me perfectly happy at 2pm in my jammie pants (they're SO COMFORTABLE) and a t-shirt that's probably 2 sizes too big for me. There are days when I've actively sighed at the prospect of getting dressed to leave the house. Do I *have* to? That means I have to find clothes that don't make me want to stab myself in the eye.

    Seems there should be a reasonable solution for this. A clone feature for comfy clothes? A cultural shift towards jammie pants as business casual?

  2. I am so with you on this! I stopped wearing bras this summer in Spain b/c it was too hot to even consider. I wish I could continue that during the semester (and I guess I prob could since I'm an anth/WGST prof). I stopped wearing underwear b/c I have a secondary latex allergy so I can only wear boy cut briefs with no elastic on them and those are hell trying to fit under jeans so they get worn on skirt days only. I've been trying to buy more shirts with built-in bra type support, I refuse to buy non-natural fabrics, and I HATE wearing jeans during the summer. Basically I want all my clothes to be as comfortable as pjs. I wear a lot of stretchy cottony dresses - basically stylish night gowns.

  3. Okay, I love that both these comments refer to the comfort of pajamas. I totally agree! In fact, some of the pants I do actually wear as business casual look a tiny bit like pajama pants (I know this because one of my students pointed it out).

    Erica, you have to send me pictures of the stylish nightgowns. They sound ideal.

    And yes, Life v. 2.0, so many clothes make me want to stab myself in the eye. This should be an advertising slogan: "These don't make you want to stab yourself in the eye!"

  4. I've been wearing Jockey for Her underwear since jr. high school! My dad bought me the first pack for Christmas and I could never wear anything else after that.
    I have a pinkish-lavender pair on right now! LOL. I have a blue pair like the picture in my laundry. LOL. J4H seem to last a long time. I wear 'em till they're almost rags.

  5. Long live Jockey For Her - underwear that doesn't go up your butt!

  6. We need a movement -- and the movement involves jumpsuits. I think if I could pull on a 100% cotton jumpsuit (short version for summer) every day and still be accepted as an adult doing her job, then my life would be complete. They could come in a variety of colors -- some could have embroidery on them -- but we would all be able to just pull on a jumpsuit (with lots of pockets -- and I think they would zip, because that would be easy to take on and off -- and now I am creeped out about how I just recommending the very outfit [except hers was not cotton] that Lenina wears and easily pulls off in Brave New World]). So be it. Jumpsuits anyone?

  7. Yes in the fake future everyone always has jumpsuits. Yet the fake future never comes. I think they have to roll out the flying cars first.

    I have purged all my socks and underwear and rebuilt with identical copies of a comfortable type. I think about doing this with the rest of my clothes but never get around to it. My laziness impedes my fashion laziness.

  8. Hmmm.... I hate to confess this but I like nylon, yes nylon briefs with lacy tops ( less muffin and don't stick to my clothes and don't cut into me) - certainly not attractive or organic! I am famous for mom commentary along the lines of "why do you wear your clothes so loose, you could be so attractive" :). Comfort is essential and since I work in an office I have essentially a rotation of comfortable but prof wear that I cycle thru and is dominated by easy to coordinate with black!

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