Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Piggly Wiggly

Yeah, this isn't a typical post for "Every little thing."  I rarely (meaning, I think, never) endorse grocery stores, but I want to give a shout-out to the Piggly Wiggly that's just a few blocks from our house.  Maybelle's been going there since she was born.  Since before she was born, actually--I hauled my pregnant body around the Pig to get box after box of cold cereal.

Here's the thing about the Pig:  Maybelle and I regularly go there, and all the managers know her.  They know her name!  She and I were checking out yesterday, and the manager who was bagging our groceries said, "Hey, Maybelle, how are you?"  She said, "Store!"  She loves going to the store.

I had no idea what this guy's name was, but he knew Maybelle's name.  We often have that experience there.

And the other great thing about the store is that they'll buy pretty much any product I request.  During her second year of life, Maybelle adored Veggie Booty.  Loved it.  It's a bit of an obscure product--usually the kind of thing you find at an expensive health food store--but when I told the main manager at the Pig to stock it, he did it.  The same with Chobani, Maybelle's favorite yogurt of all time.

For her third and fourth birthday parties, the cakes came from there.  They give her balloons.  They don't mind that she often dashes around the store with an adult trying to catch her (she and I are working on that right now).

So:  I endorse this store!  I can't speak for any other Piggly Wigglys--anecdotal evidence suggests that many of them are a bit sketchy.  This one is outstanding, though, particularly if you live on the peninsula.

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  1. I can corroborate your testimony--I went there once looking for Borax (even whole foods didn't have it!) and they stocked it just for me! Piggly's staff is so super helpful and nice, plus they just revamped their produce section to have local veggies AND they now have frozen pizza from DiAlessandros! What! Best grocery store ever!