Friday, June 20, 2014

Chris Korey and I, super-famous at the Personal Genetics Education Project

April 2013, Chris Korey and I went to a meeting of the Personal Genetics Education Project (the GETed Conference), related to the Genetics, Environments, Traits Conference.  This was a really interesting meeting for me, in part because I was the only person there asking the group to think about prenatal testing not as a scientific success but as something emerging from and contributing to troubling cultural narratives about people with Down syndrome.

If you want to remember what my experience was like, here are the two posts I wrote:
Chris is an excellent travel companion (as well as an excellent geneticist), and our work at these meetings helped us make great plans for our Genes, Genomes, and Human Diversity class that we taught spring semester 2014.

Since I'm sure you want to see how fantastic Chris and I are together (I'm not kidding), here are some videos they finally released!  Chris and I agreed to be interviewed, and in the interview we're talking about our research perspectives and how they relate to each other.  I'm interested in what students from the Genes, Genomes, and Human Diversity class have to say, because I strongly suspect these interviews are a good representation of what we were like team-teaching the course.

Aren't we great? Don't you want us to get our own TV show?


  1. Awesome! The video's are similar to the Genes, Genomes and Diversity class... and yes, I think you two should have your own show. Maybe one where people call in with questions.

    1. Thank you! If they call in with questions, they'll have to be able to see my hand movements and my scare quotes.