Monday, June 16, 2014


This picture doesn't begin to show how many kids were there.
In Minneapolis a few days ago it was 53 degrees. Today in Cookeville, TN, it's 93 degrees.

On Thursday I was wearing a sweater and shivering.  Today a t-shirt felt ridiculously hot, and it ended up drenched.  From sweater to sweating!  Clever, right?

This afternoon Maybelle and I went to the most unpleasant playground of all time--there was no shade, so you couldn't touch anything without scalding your skin. We left  almost immediately and instead went to the "mountain" (what Maybelle calls the fountain), where we met all of Cookeville's children running, screaming, splashing, and having an excellent time.

Maybelle and I were wearing appropriate sunscreen, but I needed a baseball cap because I've caused permanent squint damage to my face.  Plus, so much sweat ran into my eyes that one of them popped out.  (Can you tell that I'm with my dad?  This is his sense of humor.)

Now it's feeling like summer.

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  1. That's something that I totally don't miss about the south. It's breezy and seventy here, bright sun and fixing to cool down for the evening. Not to make you jealous or anything.