Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Oxygen mask

This week I have a column in the City Paper called "When you're pulled a million different ways, it's time to put on your 'oxygen mask.'"  I'm trying to consider ways of taking care of myself--taking myself seriously as a person who deserves to be let off the hook from time to time.

Already I've got a comment from someone saying what my dysfuctional inner voice says:  "Suck it up!"  My dysfunctional inner voice gets lots of reinforcement from the outside world, which is one reason it's nice to have a metaphor that helps me to be significantly healthier.


  1. A few years back I adopted a "Just Say No" policy that was very difficult at first and became easier and easier. I found out that people don't forget about you when you decline or say "No" -- especially the for the volunteer stuff. They move on and ask someone else and then come back to you for something different. I've found that NO ONE looks after you unless you do it yourself. Bravo to you.

    1. Love it, Elizabeth! And I appreciate you explaining that you don't become the slacker no one turns to if you say no when you need to.

  2. I've been beating myself up because I don't think we do enough (& yet am still exhausted) but as one of your delightful commenters noted, I still have time to get online and complain about how little time I have. Gotta love those little voices! In- & external.