Thursday, February 13, 2014

Alison's dramatic new hair

Storms are tearing through the Southeast.  CofC has been closed for two days.  People have been without electricity.  So I know what you want to learn about:  my dramatic new hair cut.

We are both stunned by my hair. Who could blame us?
We're having our big Yes! I'm a Feminist gala at the end of this month, and I realized I wanted my curls to be at their most fabulous.  I've gone for this Ouidad experience many, many times since my research assistant and I made our week-long trek to NYC in July 2006 (Heather Hewett gets credit for that--she told me about it when we were roommates at NWSA and I saw her doing her Ouidad hair-toss).  I've had my hair Ouidaded for fun.  I did it a few months after the brain surgery to give myself a sense of being a person in the world who expected to be seen by other people.

This morning I called the salon and discovered that the only time I could get a Ouidad haircut before Feb. 25--the date of Charleston's best feminist party ever--was this afternoon.  So I texted Maybelle's favorite babysitter at the very last minute (not that unusual for me, really) and had to admit to her that she'd be hanging with Maybelle so that I could succumb to the white supremacist capitalist patriarchy.

I actually think this may be the best haircut yet.


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you! Maybelle may need a haircut. And please admire the trail of snot that's giving her cheeks that special gleam.

  2. Good thing Maybelle’s babysitter was available when you texted her. Hehe! I love your hair, Alison. You really achieved a dramatic look with those curls, huh? I’m sure your friends are loving your new hairstyle too. Thanks for the share! :)

    Tommy Clark