Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Rock on, Big A

Welcome to my new blog. Baxter Sez is being retired. It’s a site that’s still going to have all our popular former posts—like "Hairy-legged feminist, "Reasons why feminism is a good prerequisite for having a child with Down syndrome," and of course the series of blog posts around Biffle’s MFA thesis and Alison’s brain tumor. You can visit, but the new stuff will all be here.

Let me give a public thanks to all my friends who helped to dream up titles for this blog. Options included “Warm tap water,” “Up with Pieple,” “AMP it up” (my middle initial is M), and “Rock On, Big A.” I received a few complaints from blog-title-composers that perhaps I was being a bit too picky--but a blog title is very important to me!  So a special thanks goes to Kenneth Burns, who offered up “Every little thing.” Given that this blog is a space where I’ll be sharing whatever random crap it is that I want to share, this title seemed perfect (and refers to songs by the Beatles and the Police).

I'm not finished with all the set up I'll be doing--this is a work in progress.


  1. Of course, I like "Up with Pieple"! :-)

  2. Congrats on the new Blog! I look forward to reading about all the little things :).

  3. Very excited, and I am delighted that you are referring to yourself not only in the third person but as "Big A." And glad you had chosen the immortal words of Bob Marley.

    1. Do I sense the tiniest bit of snark here?

      I hadn't made the Bob Marley connection--so many links for the phrase "every little thing." Apparently it's also the name of some super-popular Japanese band from the '90s.

  4. Oh yeah, I meant to tell you, Alison, it's a Bob Marley song too.