Saturday, February 9, 2013

Groceries and the bike basket

Through careful scientific experimentation, I have discovered that this quantity of groceries is too much for the bike basket:

--Three boxes of cereal (two Cheerios, one Golden Grahams)
--A dozen eggs
--One gallon of cow milk
--1/2 gallon of soy milk
--Peanut butter (Jif, of course)
--Eight containers of Chobani yogurt (enough for maybe three days)
--A tube of cinnamon rolls
--A family pack of Nutrigrain Eggos (gesture toward health there)
--A bag of clementines

Too much.  Fortunately, we only live four blocks from the grocery store, so we made it home.  But it was tricky.

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  1. You gotta equip that thing! Here are 2 options...