Thursday, February 7, 2013

A first

Snuggle bugTonight Maybelle got indignant because I was laughing. I was laughing out of enjoyment, I promised her--not at her, but because she was making me happy.  But she said, "Mama laughing, stop it!"

I was laughing because her current favorite song is the Squeeze's "Black Coffee in Bed," and as we were leaving Claire and Larry's house, she was casually singing it:  "Black black black coffee in bed."  It's rare that a four year old is singing that song, and it's pretty adorable.  But I am no longer allowed to laugh at her while she sings it.  Which is going to be difficult.

I thought it was very cool that she noticed I was laughing in response to her, took offense at that, and communicated her offense.  As far as I know, that's a first for her!  Claire said to prepare for more of that.


  1. I like it when she really belts out that last round of: least you are still allowed to enjoy the song -- soon enough it seems that if the person who is not yet an adult likes something the person who is an adult is required not to like it.

  2. I know, right--she's just YELLING some of the words! Quite a performer.

  3. Your daughter has excellent taste! Squeeze is one of my all time favorites.

    1. Thanks! I've gotten the same response from some Facebook friends from college. I think this marks us as of a certain generation.