Saturday, July 20, 2013

Update from Flea Central (and also a story about our day)

Maybelle and I spent the night in our house last night.  We've been in and around the house for big chunks of the day today.  How many new flea bites do we have?


The Terminix guy came over yesterday evening.  He sprayed the inside and the outside of the house.  I am following all his instructions (mainly vacuuming every day--which so far means today--which I've done), and I'm planning to do what another friend said and have them come back in three weeks, just to be sure.

So that is the very happy news from this household. Thank you to blog readers here and on Facebook who loaded us up with excellent suggestions and lots of support.

And now on to the news about our day (heads up:  there's not much actual news--mostly pictures).

We spent the morning with Meg, Olive, Dino, and Luca.  Olive, as you may remember, was one of Maybelle's first nanny-share companions, waaaaay back in the day.

Rachel, Olive, and Maybelle
Here they are, back in 2010.  Good lord, those girls are adorable!  Look at Maybelle's chunky little round face!  And Olive's adult expression!  And Rachel Reinke, one of the world's best nannies, and now rocking on getting her Ph.D. in Women's Studies.

Speaking of rocking on, here are Maybelle and Olive today:

Dance party in Meg's car
We are in Meg's car, and we're listening to Run DMC's "It's Like That."  Let me tell you, that's truly a fine dance song.  All four of us were dancing in the car.  I'm dancing right now listening to it.  I suspect the lyrics aren't that great, but I'm choosing not to listen to them.*

A bit later in the day Maybelle and I went to the Children's Museum, because we hadn't been there in a long time.  Here she is in the castle, dressed as...well...I'm not sure what, but someone who wears purple velvet capes:

As our hours at the Children's Museum went on, she and I both got exhausted.  Like, exhausted.  Here she is on the firetruck, which is one of her very favorite things there, but she was so worn out she wouldn't lift her head to pose for the cell phone:

At the end of the day, around the time Maybelle's exhibiting this exhaustion, I stopped being a fully competent mother.  Maybelle peed on herself shortly after I took this picture (I had taken her to the bathroom twenty minutes earlier, so it was an extra pee), but because we were outside and she was already drenched from the water room, I didn't do anything about it.  Then I only gave her the tiniest bit of protest when she essentially drank from a puddle, and I ultimately said, "What the hell--rain can't hurt."

I then said, "Maybelle, let's go home," and she agreed.

A bit of food, Oklahoma-watching, bouncing on the bed, and a bath wound down the day.  Now she's soundly asleep, and I'm about to watch some Parks and Recreation (hello, Amy Poehler, I love you!).

And I sit happily on the couch, nary a flea on my body.

*Okay, I just listened to the lyrics.  They're not offensive!  They're social justice-y.


  1. what a great day! and I am so happy to hear about the absence of fleas! Nina's hair got soaked in rain the other night running up mt pisgah and her hair was softer than it has ever been -- rain is magical! drink away!

  2. I'm loving the way you're writing about your life with Maybelle --