Saturday, June 1, 2013

Rock on!

Be prepared for a couple of quick blog posts this weekend.

Last week Claire and I attended a fundraiser for Girls Rock Charleston, a local nonprofit that I personally love love love, in part because of the respect I have for the folks running it (and I respect them so much because so many of them have been among my very favorite students over the years).

The event was a lot of fun--a silent auction, a live auction, food and drink, and loads of cool people.

And one of my favorite parts:  the photo area.  You could pose with a variety of props.  Claire and I made the obvious choice:  the microphone and the rainbow unicorn.  And then we rocked out, with no shame whatsoever (as I've often said, this is one benefit of being in my 40s:  so little shame remains!)

Rock on

Rock on 2

Don't we look like rock stars? And rainbow unicorn lovers?


  1. Ya'll are such rock stars! I wanna hear some band names for this trio.

  2. Cool. What part does the unicorn sing? Looks fun!