Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Stuff that's really good

Drinking a cup of iced coffee on a sunny, crisp morning.
Two of the world's best cookies.

Sitting in the coffee shop, upstairs, writing quietly with other quiet people.
Talent.  Here it is.  None for you.

Downstairs, music is playing.

Several folks are picking up their orders and getting muffins.

At home, I'll be making pumpkin and pecan pies.  I am talented, rest assured.

My parents will be here this afternoon.
My Mama!
My Dad!

Someone told me that she reads what I write.  I don't know who she was.  I felt really honored.

I'm making Christmas plans.

I get to talk to a favorite writer and thinker.

Another friend gave me an ideal gift.

Sweet, hot green tea.

Eating the bits of pie.

Making turkey and learning from my mom's skills.

Have a look at this.  No, really, have a
look.  This is a delicious part of the turkey
gravy maker.

 My Dad brought box after box of delicious food.

I don't feel like listing the food.  But it's good.

And now, the Stuff That's Really Good from my Dad:

This is Alison's dad.  If you think Alison is smart, you should see how smart I'm.  

Lots of good things have happened today:
Naked turkey.  Hello, turkey!
  • The Mom is making a super-turkey that cooks at 180 degrees for four days.  
  • She's making giblet gravy, but it's too gross to look at.  Tastes good, but we hate watching her. 
  • Alison is typing this, and her hair looks good--I don't care what she says.  
  • Brian has gone to get us yummy tacos.  
  • The house smells like turkey, and we have two pies:  pecan and punky pie.  My children Aaron and Trey and their significant others, Mary and Olivia, get no pie.  
  • We have cookies and raspberry swirl pastries and carbonated water, but we keep that away from The Mom.
(Says my Mama, "You know it's all lies.")  (Says my Dad, "You hear her snorting?")


  1. Sounds like an awesome Thanksgiving in the making! Happy Thanksgiving to you all -- may the year ahead be filled with peace.

  2. Y'all are Getting Weird With the Turkey.

    I approve of Getting Weird With the Turkey.

    1. Oooo, good name! That's its new name. I hope you have one, too.

  3. I love a good bakery shout-out! We love having you upstairs. Happy Thanksgiving to you and the whole family, Alison!

    Much love from Miles and your Brown's Court family.

    1. I spent probably three hours there yesterday. It was wonderful! You know I love it, and I love YOU. xoxo!