Saturday, November 14, 2015

NWSA, day 3, and I'm exhausted

I left the hotel this morning at 7:50am, and I haven't been back here until now.

Now, people!  At 8:00pm!

I'm not sure how I could do it.  Honestly, I'm so tired right now that it's an effort for me to blog about today.  But I'll do the quick, picture-laden approach.  We took 7,000 pictures, but they weren't on my phone, so we'll have to wait for them.

Taylor and I worked together since my first year at the College of Charleston.  She kicks ass.  She'll have a Ph.D. soon.  Two other WGS students I got to see today were also very close to having their Ph.D.s soon--Rachel in May, and Lindsey in another year.

Heather Hewett, Rory Dicker, and I were snuggling together in the snacking-drinking bar we've been at every day.  This was our third evening there.  I'm a bit on the sick side of the food (they only offer five snacks, and we've eaten all of them at least once), but, as always, it was great to see my friends.

And finally, an important component of the conference:

I'm handing something out, and I love the way I'm striding.  Karlyn took the picture and agrees.  There is Alison Piepmeier, walking through the room, ready to hear what you have to say.

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