Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Useful change of pace: pictures I loved

August 17 was Maybelle's first day at Nativity School, a super-Christian and super-inclusion school.  She wears the same outfit that all the other girls wear--stripy dress, white shirt.  Particular socks.  Black shoes.  That's a bit troubling to me--What about gender!  Who are you if you don't fit into that ridiculous, limited image?  But at least it seems comfortable for her.

The other thing that is a bit of a challenge is the really committed Christianity.  Fortunately, the place she's going seems like some liberal Christianity, and I approve of that.

And Maybelle is ridiculously adorable.

She was very excited about her morning.
Looking like a first grader, y'all.  Oh, yeah!
This is pretty damned cute.  
My body is producing things that are rough in lots of ways, so it's been so grateful for her to have two days now, letting her explore a new place and get to know her friends.  I wasn't sad at all, which might be a little surprising.  But instead, I was so happy that she's taken the next step.


  1. She has gotten tall and willowy and is still so stinking cute I can hardly stand it! You must be proud. Thank you for sharing this momentous day with us!

    1. Sorry to be so late--thank you for your love of Maybelle!

  2. Killer pig tails! Rock that nativity scene Maybelle!

    1. Rest assured, she can be adorable AND a person who can fight like nobody's business. Good times!