Friday, August 28, 2015

Since I'm doing another sad-ish article at the City Paper,

I thought I'd share Maybelle's birthday #3, on August 26.  One of my delicious places in town needed two solid days after Maybelle's birthday before they could create the world's best cinnamon rolls.  Maybelle's actual birthday was August 24, so she got to open her presents then.  Really there wasn't anything at all for Tuesday.

Then on Wednesday morning, we came to Nativity with the world's best cinnamon rolls.  I'm not kidding about that.  They are second to Ralph Donuts in terms of their deliciousness in the world (and if you don't appreciate how amazing the Ralph Donuts are, then I'll be losing respect for you.)
Okay, she wasn't actually eating cinnamon rolls while
we were taking her pictures.  But she looks happy.

Always appropriate for Maybelle and
I to crack up.
Not the greater photo, but you can see
what a great birthday food she's
eating.  Notice that much of her
cinnamon roll is gone.

LH mercy, do I mention my brain here?  But I'm sort of compelled.  I'm grateful for a day like this with Maybelle.  I have lots of crappy moments these days, but on her cinnamon rolls celebration, I felt so calm and satisfied.


  1. Delightful all around! Happy birthday to Maybelle and happy birthing day to you, dear Alison!

    1. Eating cinnamon rolls was much easier than producing this person and then having to help her out.