Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Glenn McConnell is now CofC's president

He supports the Confederacy.  And as of today, he's
 CofC's new president.  We're going to have to wait and
see what this means.
Glenn McConnell takes office today as the president of the College of Charleston.  I don't think there will be any sort of ceremony--he'll just show up at work and stroll into what used to be George Benson's space.  I assume he'll offer a pleasant good morning to folks who are there.  Perhaps he'll make some phone calls.  He'll talk to the media.  He might stroll around, take a look at the orientation events that are happening.

He'll almost certainly do other things.  As president, he'll have the power to change peoples' jobs, move people around, lay them off.  This isn't because McConnell is some sort of monster--it's simply what happens when you have a new president.

I'm troubled by McConnell, as readers of this blog and of the City Paper know.  Indeed, on March 22, when McConnell was offered the job, I said we were going to hell in a handbasket.  I'm concerned about the evidence he's provided that he's homophobic.  I don't deny that claim, but since he's now actually president, we have the opportunity to find out what he'll actually do.

I have a column coming out tomorrow in the City Paper, so I don't need to repeat the information I'm grappling with there.  What I'll say now is, today's the day.  Pay attention.

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