Monday, January 27, 2014

Hello, new readers!

You know what's interesting?  How many people have been invited to visit this blog recently.  The press release for the big, fun event Yes! I'm a Feminist sends people here.

And the event website for a discussion George Estreich and I led  at Gigi's Playhouse in NYC also sends people here.  I guess that makes sense, since the title of our conversation was "Parenting, Writing, Advocacy"--and this blog sort of demonstrates all three.

It's not that I mind new people reading Every little thing.  I love it!  But I do sometimes wonder if the multiple audiences will be interested in the random stuff that goes up here.  For instance:

My fancy hotel room!  Because I spoke at Gigi's Playhouse yesterday afternoon and Columbia University tonight, I am staying in a bad ass hotel.  It has levels of stylishness that I'm simply not able to understand.  For instance, there's a huge picture of an old record player above the bed. There's a totally retro clock beside the bed.  The light switches are hidden.  I'm not sure why these are features of the room, but it's clear to me that they represent coolness that I'm far too old to appreciate.

As my dad says, "The fashion train stopped years ago, and I got off."  I'm embracing that reality.

How cool Gigi's Playhouse was!  A bunch of people showed up.  George and I each gave some casual info about what we do and what we're interested in, and then for the next two hours we talked with the audience.  There was not a second's break--hands were up constantly, and people were asking questions, sharing their own personal stories, pondering what it means to be the parent of a child with Down syndrome, and noting how diverse they are as parents.  Many of them had the fear that I had, that every parent I met was going to be a super-Christian pro-lifer--which is absolutely fine, of course, but I was afraid that I was going to need to hide who I was.  Or I was going to be the radical outsider at the event (I suspect I would have gone with the second choice).  Instead, we were a room full of people with different professions, experiences, beliefs, politics, approaches to the world.

Getting to hang out tonight with some of my favorite scholars!  Rayna Rapp.  Faye Ginsburg.  This is one of the things I absolutely adore about becoming a real-live feminist disability studies scholar.  Here are the folks I've gotten to hang out with:  Rosemarie Garland-Thomson!  Michael Berube!  Brian Skotko!  Rachel Adams!  George Estreich!

Whew, there were a lot of exclamation points in that paragraph.  And a lot of links.  You don't have to click on every link--just trust me that these are really impressive people.

Things I'm learning about traveling up north:  Comfy shoes are great.  But remember your hat.  And your gloves.

And a bit of a random comment about Yes! I'm a Feminist:  Yes!  I'm a Feminist is happening in less than a month!  It's a big fat feminist party with free food, drinks, and music--and lots of conversation.  I'm surprised--and delighted--at how many big-name Charlestonians will be there. If you'll be in town, come join us!

And an extra lure:  you'll get to eat desserts from Sugar, one of my very favorite food places in the world.

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