Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Tidings of comfort and joy

We've had an eventful Christmas eve. Catherine and I went walking for an hour while Trey and Olivia went on a Ralph's butter twist mission. We all ate lunch at Bobby Q's (delicious, although the location change was hard to deal with).  I ate a bunch of hush puppies (man, are they good!).

My dad, in his best curmudgeonly Christmas spirit.

Then Catherine, Trey, Olivia and I had a very quiet couple of hours drinking coffee, all of us working on various projects (really!).  And now we're at home, relaxing before I start making pies and Trey starts dealing with the giblet water.

Here's Trey's homage to the turkey whose neck is now boiling on our stove:


  1. It's nice to see all you guys having fun, but where is the star of it all? And by star I mean, the Maybs!

  2. That was an excellent turkey gobble -- and nice to Trey honoring your christmas dinner!