Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas priorities

The other day the Washington Post presented an article about how women wear themselves out at the holidays.  While I see the accuracy of what they're saying, I read what these women were doing and thought, "Holy shit, people!  That is too much."  A billion batches of cookies, Christmas cards, extensive decorations, visiting with everybody from the past--things that often weren't fun but were part of the tradition.

I am a big believer in tradition and routine, so I understand that compulsion.  So much has changed in my life, though, that there are a lot of things I'm willing to let go of--things that it's a relief to let go of.

So here are my priorities for Christmas:

To be with my immediate family (which of course includes Catherine Bush).  To have leisurely time to connect.
Woo hoo!  Child-sized coffee set!
To watch Maybelle open presents (but not all at once, and not in the evening--she's having a much better time opening one present a day, midday.  She's excited about opening it, and she's excited about what it is.  And then she's done.)

To eat!  This morning I identified the foods that are top priority.  If the Christmas meals only consisted of these three things, I'd be delighted and satisfied.  My holiday needs would be met.
---My mom's turkey--best turkey in the world, accompanied by a gallon of gravy.
---My grandmother (Nana)'s cranberry salad--LH mercy, I could eat the whole Pyrex full.
---Pecan pie, with unnecessary but delicious whipped cream.  Real whipped cream, not from a can.

There you go.  Keep that in mind, future holiday planners.

I think that's it.  That's what would leave me feeling loved, happy, and full.


  1. You have excellent priorities.

  2. well said Alison! Merry Christmas to you and Maybelle :)