Friday, October 2, 2015

The most delicious bagel ever.

Ricks Floyd is such a nice guy!  He knows my name and is
ready to make me a bagel.  And it's a damn delicious
bagel.  Go give it a try!
C&B things help make the world delicious.

Yikes, that is SO goofy.  It's not what I said.  What I want to say is that C&B helps make the world delicious.

Hmm.  A trend in my assessment.

So let me tell you about C&B (which I've always called C&B since "Caviar and Bananas" sounds ridiculous and kind of gross.  What the hell brings together caviar--that fancy stuff I wouldn't even use--and bananas, which are  together?  I'm sure a million of you can explain to me why they have that name, but keep that to yourselves).

C&B is fancy.  They have expensive food for lunch.  They have the huge kale bowl so that every woman in town can eat it (does it have any calories?).  In a less frightening way, they have lines of students when they're getting ready for class.  They have blueberry muffins.  All good stuff.

Good morning, everything bagel.
But what I love there--food that is outstanding--is the world of bagels.  First of all, they greet me by name, and they know what I want.  They get me an everything bagel, they toast it, and then slather it with cream cheese.  Wow, it just knows how to start the middle of the morning.  It's breakfast number 2.  I have granola first thing in the morning, and then by 9:00, I'm hungry.  I don't necessarily eat a bagel every day, but I have one…probably at least three a week.

I want one right now.  That may be eating too many bagels.  But I love them.  Love love love.

I've tried other bagels in other places around town, and they're fine, but they aren't as satisfying as the C&B.  These days, if someone invites me to go have bagels, I'd find something else.  There's no need to try another one when I know I've got the best bagel ever.

They always say, "Good morning, Alison!" and Ricks starts the bagel.  Good morning, Ricks!  If it weren't a town that's filled with water today, I'd come get one.


  1. I'm partial to a salted bagel, toasted, with bacon, tomato and cream cheese. I wish I could come for a visit and go eat some with you.

  2. Whoa, nice bagel! Far fancier than I eat--looks wonderful. But it's not my thing. We can eat whichever we want at C&B.