Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Things I Like

Starting with a question:  Is that an appropriate title for these themes?  Do I like things or love things?  Should I have a thematic row of things (all bagels or something), or just go with whatever?

At this point I write what that I like.

Blueberry muffin, iced coffee with the skim milk.
And look how great he is!  Myles, I love you!
He let me take his picture!  He deserves an award
of some sort. Got a Star Wars idea, anybody?
He and I talk about three times a week.
So, good afternoon,  Delicious Can't Remember.  Brown's Court.  Brown's Banana.  (The winning location = Brown's Court, although Claire voted on Brown's Banana.)

Brown's Court is great.  It's not located in a busy place, so it's quiet.  There are often folks upstairs, and we all have our computers with stuff in our ears.  Nobody's talking--or if they are, their conversation is quiet.  It's ideal for studying, and for hanging out for a couple of hours.

The place is actually a bakery, as the info above the name says (Brown's Court Bakery).  I think they make loads of deliciousness because of breads--the baguettes.  They're selling this bread to restaurants all over town, along with a billion other kinds of food.  

Those who come to hang out have options for a lot of food.  Muffins, all kinds of croissant, and how about this:  the cookie that's constructed by Captain Crunch.  That cookie is surprisingly fantastic.

But here's the big surprise:  I think they have the best coffee around town.  I'm not in the educated love for coffee, but that doesn't matter.  Who cares about how much this matters for me?  Not much.  I find this coffee so satisfying.  It's cold coffee, and 1/3 of the coffee container is empty.  I've gotten to add a lot of skim milk into my coffee.  Loads of skim.  I've tried this very approach to other kinds of coffee, and they're great--but not as great.  Sometimes I don't have coffee on campus at all.  It's disappointing.

Brown's is consistently coffee wonderfulness.

Plus, they greet me knowing who I am!  They've read what I've written on The City Paper, so they often know me, but instead of wailing and "This is so awful," they say, "Damn.  I'm sorry."  And then they give me my delicious coffee.

There are other places town down that have great places to drink coffee.  As I suggested, those aren't offering coffee that's disgusting.  I'm not suggesting that they should be avoided.  But if you have time, walk up on St. Philips, from between Canon and Spring St, then you can have a calm cup of iced coffee while you're upstairs reading my blog.


  1. Brown's Court is pretty good, but it always makes me a little sad that it's no longer Hope & Union.

  2. I never had Hope & Union. I'll bet Hope & Union didn't love me as much as Brown's Court does! We have serious love there.