Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Greatest party ever! And me as a worried mom.

It's kind of a weird combination, isn't it?  The Community Advisory Board of the Women's and Gender Studies Program put on their great fundraising event last night.  It's called Yes! I'm a Feminist.  I'll give you some pictures of it soon.

Thank you to the many, many folks who made it happen.

As I woke up feeling soaking in yesterday's happy party, I saw that my column has appeared in the City Paper:  "Sometimes I Feel as if I'm Failing as a Mother."  What a collection of things going on in my life!  It made me laugh out loud as I'm sitting here drinking coffee.

So as you read my column, realize that I'm feeling pretty damn good this morning.


  1. I've got three teenagers, and not a day goes by that I don't wonder why and what I'm doing.

    1. hi Elizabeth!
      I'm father of two daughters (8 and 13) and I do the same!

  2. YES, this exactly! Tomorrow we will work on flash cards but today we are exhausted and need down time. Repeat, repeat, repeat. I tell myself my kids need just as much downtime as I do and the weather doesn't really allow for backyard swinging but still…. those sneaky quiet voices. However this morning I am up, with my own warm coffee, reading this and enjoying that you are doing well.

  3. You're so amazing that I'm glad you, too, are wondering what the hell this mother thing is.