Friday, May 30, 2014

50 Most Progressive Charlestonians

There was no way to copy the picture from the website,
so I illegally photographed it for the blog.
I have so many blog posts to write.  So many.  I wrote one in my head as I biked to school this morning.  The title:  Baking.

But that's going to have to happen this weekend, because today I have to feature a weird sort of thing.  I've been selected as one of the 50 Most Progressive Charlestonians by Charlie magazine.  They took a pretty nice photo of me.  I had to be incredibly insistent that I wouldn't take my glasses off--they're an essential part of how I look!--and they agreed. The article about me features Down syndrome--that's apparently the topic that got me a nomination.

Thank you, whoever nominated!

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