Thursday, March 6, 2014

Ralphs vs. Big O's

My dad is a huge advocate of Big O donuts in Cookeville.  Bless its heart:  Big O's tries hard, and my dad tries hard to convince me that their donuts are better than Ralph's.  We all know that Ralph's butter twists are one of the top five foods in the world, so Big O's doesn't stand a chance of being better.

Maybelle at Ralph's, with an appropriate blissful expression.

But you know what Big O donuts are?  Enormous.
Which of these things is not like the others?

Trey observed that the apple fritter--pictured on the bottom--looks a bit like a roast chicken.  And it's about as big as a roast chicken.  The butter twist is on the top right, and it looks like the tiny little nerd friend--a delicious tiny little nerd friend.

This picture has not been altered.

While cinnamon rolls (or as Maybelle calls them, cinnamons rolls) from Wildflour are as big as a human head, this cinnamon roll is as big as Maybelle's torso.  And so heavy that I wouldn't let her carry the plate.

So Big O's has its contribution to make to the world of donuts.  But Ralph's butter twist is like a dream come true...
I love you, butter twist!


  1. I have gone back and forth over the years. My last few years in Cookeville, I was a die hard Big O man. So soft and pillowy and magnificent. However, i recently stopped in Ralph's for a nostalgic bit of fried deliciousness and was bowled over by the yummy. I had clearly forgotten. Maybe I took poor Ralph for granted after my early Tech years. I only have room in my heart to hate one doughnut, and that is KK. Big O and Ralph's will have to share the space in my arteries.

  2. Oh, heavens, Ralph's won hands down for me. And I have to drive by it each time I pick up my son at his dorm... Much sweet, so wow. Big O's is good, but it just doesn't have the intense flavor. My forever favorite, though, will have to be Ritchie Kreme on old knoxville hwy in Maryville. Hours are 6 am till they run out. That happens pretty dang fast... We always stopped there on the way to the smokey mountains when I was a kid. Now my waist says NOOOOOO to all of them. Sweet doughnut tears...

  3. I'm laughing loudly at that picture of Maybelle and -- what the hell is it? Good lord!

  4. Oh and I love your "About Me" description -- that you're "bringing down the patriarchy."

  5. Hi, A! This is my favorite post on your blog! Ever!
    Cracked me up!

    The comparison pic between the humungous pastry and your small child is priceless!!!!

    And I can tell that it's true love between you & the butter twist! Such wistfulness!