Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Important life truths

  • Eating an entire 3/4 pound muffin by yourself just because you're feeling snacky mid-morning is a really bad idea.
  • If you leave wet Cheerios on the floor for three or more days, they become so bonded to the wood that you have to use a strong spatula to release them.
  • Your five year old child's vaguely stinky breath wafting your way while she's falling asleep is wonderful.  Seriously.
  • It will be very easy for this five year old to develop more expertise with the iPad than you have.
  • Fizzy water is an excellent treat to keep in the fridge (not for the five year old--for you).
  • Menstruating is far, far superior to being premenstrual.
  • Dora is far, far superior to South Pacific.
  • If you see your holiday gift before the holidays, it's your job to forget what you saw.
  • Bananas are repulsive, but they're easy to carry to work, so you should eat them.
  • And finally, it's important to identify your celebration priorities.  If you've got a big party coming up, decide what matters to you.  A strong suggestion:  dessert.


  1. I get all of these, but mostly the banana thing.

  2. This is great! I feel like I should print it and post it on the fridge.