Sunday, October 6, 2013

Fabulous new hairstyle

Isn't it time you all heard more about me and my sense of style?  (That was fairly sarcastic, but I'm still going to show you pictures of myself.)

My hair had gotten long.  Long.  Too long.  I tend to get Ouidad haircuts (they respect the curl), but they're ridiculously expensive, which means I get them done once a year.  But I couldn't wait until December to have my hair cut.  See below.
 That's some long hair.  Most of the time I was wearing it in a ponytail, just to get it out of the way.

When she was in town, my mom cut off about six inches, which is exactly what I wanted:  the perfect length!  Thank you, mom!  But in Charleston's humidity, it started to become triangular:

Maybe not the best look.  Short, was tempted to go back to the ponytail.  So last night I pressured and pressured Claire to nuance my hair.  She was incredibly reluctant, recognizing that the stakes were high.  What if she chopped too much off?  What if I ended up with bald spots?  How long will it take those to grow out?

We looked online, though, as all wise hairstylists do, and we found a site that demonstrated how to do layering (it was on Claire's computer, so I can't offer the link here--it took us a long time to find it).  Claire felt that she could do that.

We set up a haircutting zone in her bedroom.  Claire stood behind me with the scissors.  Nina sat on the bed, examining the process.

Claire cut.  "Nope, still triangular," Nina would say.  Claire cut some more.  Nina continued to reject.

And then we got to the magic layered look:

Even Nina approved!  Not triangular!

And after washing my hair and slathering it with styling lotion/super powerful gel/whatever the hell it is I put in my hair, here's how it looks:
Fabulous, right?  A mass of gorgeous, short curls.  I am ready for my professional photo to be updated.

Now it's your turn to tell me how great I look.


  1. It's looks awesome! The same thing just happened to my sister-in-law whose hair is very similar to yours. Her general style is too, so the thought of having to fix-it with "product" induced nausea.
    I used to cut my short hair myself before I found my current guy. I used texturizing/thinning shears to keep my hair from getting big. People can go overboard with them, so moderation is key (
    What does Maybelle think? I'm sure you are going to enjoy getting that prof. pic updated (insert extreme sarcasm here). Seriously though - It looks great.

    1. Thanks for the link! I'll go check it out! And yes, I do want an updated professional picture. My old one looks a bit too much like I'm trying to be a person in my 20s.

  2. Good job, Claire! Beautiful, Alison! Does it count that your mom is the first one to weigh in on this?? :-) Oops! By the time I had logged in I was beat!

    1. Thanks for getting this great process started, Mom!

  3. Thanks Kelly! I never would have had the guts to do what you did -- but after some youtube instruction I now think I can make layters (and it helps that Alison's hair is curly enough to hide the few moments when I said oops).

  4. So good to see you today!!! SMS what's funny is after I caught up with Doug, he and I both commented not only on how good your new "do" looked, but on how good you looked in general! I think we had the word radiant in there somewhere. Anyway, it was lovely to see you again.

  5. I. Am. Impressed. You rock Claire!! And Alison, you are beautiful and your hair is too :).

  6. Claire- way to go! And we thought all she could do was Larry's basic cut! It looks great, and perfect for the Charleston humidity (and nothing like Larry's)